Massive gold treasure discovered in Turkey that is bigger than GDPs of many countries

28. Dec, 2020

Massive gold treasure discovered in Turkey that is bigger than GDPs of many countries

Turkey has discovered a massive gold treasure. Total weight of this gold treasure is said to be 99 tonnes. The news was confirmed by a Turkish news agency Anadolu. News of accidental gold treasure discovery often hits headlines, but this one is in a league of its own.  Reason being that the value of this gold treasure is pegged at more than the GDPs of many countries. The value of this gold discovery is said to be 6 billion dollar or Rs 44,000 crore.

These countries have less GDP than Turkish gold treasure

As per Worldometer, GDP of Maldives is 4.87 billion dollars, Liberia is 3.29 billion dollars, Bhutan is 2.53 billion dollars, Burundi is 3.17 billion dollar, Lesotho 2.58 billion dollars. These economies are much lesser in size than the treasure found in Turkey. Similarly, Mauritania, Montenegro, Barbados, Guyana and economies of many others are also smaller than the gold treasure found in Turkey.  

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Where was this gold treasure found?

This treasure was discovered in Central west area of Sogut. The information was shared by Fahrettin Poyraz, who is chief of the Agricultural Credit Cooperatives of Turkey Gubretas Fertiliser Production firm. Poyraz told Turkish news agency that the value of the gold treasure would be around 6 billion dollars.

In September, Fatih Donmez, new minister of energy and natural Resources of Turkey, had said the country has broken a big record with the production of 38 tonnes gold. He had said his target for the next five years is to increase annual gold production to 100 tonnes.  

Gold to be mined in two years

Poyraz said that this gold will be mined in the next two years and it will help the Turkish economy a great deal.  He said Gubretas Fertiliser Producer has won this site with another company in 2019 after a court order. Gubretas share price also jumped by  10 per cent on the news of the gold treasure discovery.  

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